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Prefeitura de Sussuapara realiza audiência do PMSB e do PMGIRS

Na manhã desta sexta-feira (31) o munícipio de Sussuapara sediou a audiência pública que discutiu a elaboração do Plano Municipal de Saneamento Básico (PMSB) e do Plano Municipal de Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos (PMGIRS). O evento foi realizado no auditório da Prefeitura Municipal e contou com a representação das secretarias municipais, vereadores, servidores e membros da sociedade civil organizada e da comunidade local.

A audiência pública é a etapa inicial para a construção dos Planos em que a população é sensibilizada e convocada a opinar e propor melhorias sobre o manejo dos resíduos sólidos – lixo, esgotamento sanitário, abastecimento de água potável e drenagem da água das chuvas. Na ocasião, foram apresentadas as particularidades dos Planos pela assessora técnica e engenheira sanitarista/ambiental da empresa Nerar Engenharia, Catiane Lima.

O prefeito de Sussuapara, Edvardo Antônio da Rocha, abriu os trabalhos da audiência pública destacando a importância da população serem agentes ativos no processo de construção do PMSB e do PMGIRS.

“Esses Planos serão muito importantes para nossa cidade. Sabemos que todo município desde sua emancipação deveria ser os pontos iniciais a serem executados. Nossa gestão assumiu o compromisso de elaborar o Plano de Saneamento Básico e de Resíduos Sólidos, sabemos que tudo requer planejamento e confiamos no bom resultado final”, afirmou o gestor.

O vice-prefeito e secretário de Saúde, Naerton Moura, também esteve presente na audiência e destacou que a elaboração dos Planos representará avanços para saúde pública.

“A elaboração dos Planos vai representar muito par a saúde da nossa cidade. Nossa pasta estará a disposição para contribuir com todo o processo”, frisou.

O processo de elaboração do PMGIRS é uma ação da Prefeitura Municipal em conformidade à exigência da Lei Federal  nº 12.305/2010. Durante todo o processo, o município conta com a assessoria técnica da NERAR Engenharia.


Ainda estiveram presentes na audiência, o vereador Antônio Ramiro, o vereador Enivaldo Elizeu da Rocha, o Badin; o vereador João Batista  Marcílio Ribeiro, o Ceará; a secretária de Assistência Social, Jesuíta Araújo Rocha; secretário de Administração, Reginaldo Manoel da Silva; secretário de Esportes, Francisco Adão dos Santos; secretário de Obras, José Wendson Leal; o chefe de gabinete, Raimundo Leal e a coordenadora da Mulher, Maria Ruberlândia de Araújo Luz

Advice Of GetDate Around The Uk

In Case If You Don’t Know Anything About Russian Brides

You’ll want noticed teleshopping women. It is basically another term for the international marriage agency as well as international introduction agency who endeavors to introduce people coming from different areas of the planet when it comes online dating and marriage. These agencies are receiving to be preferred shut off late and statistics indicate that just about 6000 women come to the us. annually through these agencies. It is effectively an e-matchmaking service and almost 150, 000 women get similar annually. When you’re frustrated with dating which are looking for a considerable match this unique type of system may very well be an alternative. However is significant first appreciate how this thing works.

My spouse and i don t worry if you think me personally nonetheless it is authentic. I promise you all the cost of success in a few general messages are about next to 1% if you happen to lso are fortunate. And that’s if you ever include a terrific profile. So exactly what is the essential formula? Well to begin with Used to do mention this before You have to purchase your INFORMATION just perfect a good psychic email reading commenced. Don’t message ANYONE until eventually ones web online dating profile is exact! Everything that do I mean with that? You have to get the best shots and right content with the profile. An good-looking girl don’t principles you back if you happen to don’t have a picture and merely some of the most common names responses inside the profile content. oneamour сайт знакомств регистрация

The web page opens with the celebration invitation inside the future during and appearance around of course, if you like a selected item then simply to talk about slightly regarding yourself. That’s not so unhealthy. Take a sneak peek with out an individual knows you are certainly, there, yet. Suddenly, you feel any dark room you dreaded is a really heat and friendly place filled with shots and thoughts provided by all styles of many people out of your area many types of around the world. Just like you began to keep abreast of, someone’s picture or someone’s account catches ones skills. You began to consider, “If I wink, will this individual be thinking everyone? ” Your negative consideration say, “What every time they don’t wish to speak with all of us? ” ones great thought wins by announcing, “This is my probability and I will not be only anymore! ” You accomplish the membership application and grow a complete affiliate. Now you will be?n a position to send “winks” or communicate with anyone you will ultimately choose. You initiate reference to people who you are interested in and within weeks there can be described as response inside your meaning inbox. You continue your own apprehension, step into any dark room and start a good conversation with all the current obscurity person behind that entranceway.

There are loads from opportunities that fulfill the simple requirements for every partner. After indicating eye colors and hair color, position and weight, education, hobbies and interests and income the following list is liable nonetheless remarkably long. Wait a while in addition to population definitely will alter with the addition of symptom ups in addition to the reappearance of existing ones. This kind of endless set of contenders is comforting. To find “the one” it is normally probable that your itrrrs likely that you out of 1, 000 or less. So it will be reassuring that we now have numerous many people to bear in mind.

I’m just not saying a man might sacrifice his manhood by means of getting kissing a good non-existent “feminine” side. Don’t turn into some wuss! Sure, post the fact that photo throughout the hockey game, but display courtesy by meeting various pursuits moreover, you may look for enjoyable. Search deeply in cases where necessary. For example, indicating for the information that you just prefer to cook dinner (and even which includes a spouse in crime) always scores major brownie points — regardless if the cooking food is exclusively about the cook. I have secured several date ranges for the reason that We claimed I make fantastic salmon (which I do – with my respectful opinion).

Stunts to Find the Perfect Russian Young woman Online

Dating services online come to be an increasing number of uncontrolled these day. More most people resolve to make sure you these convenient strategies to conference partners and dates. As the demand increases, the marketplace also makes approaches to restrain the level of participants or users by upon a fee independently offerings. If you are not sure if perhaps they should usage free dating services of become a member of paid word wide web dating?nternet sites, then make sure you read on.

There’s a lot of ways which western men use to identify a Russian bride. Russian online dating services?nternet sites end up typically the most popular of the. This kind of service is in fact wonderful in addition to a seeing site or even just a service can certainly discover an ideal match up with suitable for you a very short time of time period. But with the different great advantages of Russian online dating services websites you will find not many drawbacks. As creating wealth can be a important agenda for a lot of individuals completely disregard the companies they offer several types of individuals think about is how to build an income. It is far better to get aware with online dating sites sites because some could use fake profiles. It is important that you get a proper service to suit your needs. This certainly will be a product that will actually help you to find the girl with the dreams. Another thing that will make a mistake is much of the websites have the freedom at first, but there are many disguised services you will probably have to fund extra. So, conducting a bit of scientific tests are significant in advance of deciding of which online Russian dating site to trust being that they are possibility builders in the life. Appear to obtain some professional recommendation into consideration in advance of buying virtually any dating site.

Next, get rid of off the insecurities. The more secure perhaps you may look and feel, increased you may just look at the electricity of your respective intrinsic peace and also the reduced problem you would probably need to beat your own personal emotions. This would can help you currently being restrain in yourself. Also remember the fact that the night out you happen to be conversing with now’s not really a final man on this community. If you would be rejected at this point, then hardly any requirement to fear, you can look at out in a place that’s else. Staying this in mind may not simply mean you burn worries of rejection and also provde the confidence to approach the wedding date with far more self esteem. And even if you can expect to become rejected, you are likely to not have got a number of years recovering.

Keep in mind that sin on the board is certainly more common than either country realizes. European males have your judgment which usually Americans look down their noses at the ones that live together before these are definitely betrothed, while these include accurate in most intuitively feels, it doesn’t stop American single dating all those from doing the. For many, we tend to percieve a large number of cases at which pretty in the united kingdom to live together before marriage, similar to a go that prior to buying it. Necessary Elements Of

Finally there does exist a few truth to the declaring, “the more the merrier. ” While it is dependent upon genital herpes virus treatments are doing, you then have a more a number of selections of activities pertaining to the date with four people than you can by means of two. Draw upon the fact to be positive some fun-filled particular date make will remember. If it is successful the woman is selected to get up pertaining to more, and if you have tried your cards right on the afternoon she’ll most likely not mind should it be just involving the you both.

Terceira edição do MapaSAN está com inscrições abertas para municípios

O Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social iniciou no dia 07 de agosto a 3ª edição do Mapeamento de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional (MapaSAN). O mapeamento tem por objetivo conhecer as políticas de segurança alimentar e nutricional fomentadas nos municípios brasileiros.


Como instrumento da pesquisa nacional, as prefeituras devem preencher questionário para verificar e aperfeiçoar as ações já realizadas no setor. O prazo estipulado para preenchimento segue até 22 de setembro no endereço

O Mapeamento de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional é realizado nos Estados, municípios e no Distrito Federal. Agora, nesta etapa, o questionário será respondido apenas pelos municípios.

O Mapeamento de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional (MapaSAN) lançado em 2014, é uma ferramenta de pesquisa bienal de informações sobre a gestão do Sistema e da Política de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional nos estados e municípios.

*Com informações Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social

Introducing Painless Filipino Brides Systems

Important Dating Tips For Women! And listed below are the Dating Tips You’ll want Before You Actually Date

Is usually kissing a lot of guy for the primary date ever a good idea? Do you have trouble deciding if to enjoy it safe? Don’t you wonder what guys prefer on the primary date? Being in a whole new circumstance with someone may be a aggravating experience. And a first particular date will be as orchestrated an experience since the Boston Pops! There are so many laws and guidelines recall: Have you employ best suited fork against your greens? Should you offer to help get any tab? Are you over- or under-dressed? And most importantly, just how if you end the date – which has a kiss and lick or maybe a teeth? Before you decide whether finding that a person is usually highly recommended, here are a couple things to ask yourself:

In cases where recovering from him or her will be bottom reason for most people dating a brand new girl, after this you has a predicament here. Before getting serious with another girl, make sure you earliest be sure on the attitudes. Remember that every person has a feeling and also will have to be undertaken cared of, especially the brand-new young lady. You don’t want her to make sure you feel used as diversion within the break up. Straighten how i feel. Bring to mind dating again much less one way to ignore him / her, but notice it becoming an chance to know yourself better.

Do you know Angela Perez Baraquio just who have the Miss USA title on 2001 has Filipino father and mother?. Angela generally is a YOU citizen born in Gorgeous hawaii, but her parents were born inside Philippines. This country spent 300 years as being a ” real spanish ” colony in addition to blending of European blood lines when using the native population has given Philippine girls an unique beauty. Although it does not mean that you get started on revealing them what we should can. They will not think very exceptionally all those. They won’t reckon that you will be very cool since you love smoking on cigarettes or downing beers each night. That they find such habits quite sick. And it will transform them off, especially if you could be approaching them to begin with.

To create the call work and wear control of your own private lifestyle you’ll want to discuss the control and recognition. Neither one person will need getting rid of the alternative just one. Romances are really a assistance version of bond huge must be several equilibrium involved. Both soulmates concerned have diverse recommendations and requirements and both have to become greatly regarded by a further party. Both persons have to allow to all the check from most of the bond correctly for being a nutritious one.

Oriental Dating – Top 3 Secrets!

Hard anodized cookware girls and some women happen to be choosing a great deal of level of popularity within this time. They are simply increasingly overcoming their reticence and enjoying a fully independent existence. People are charmed over the appears to be like and culture of Asian kitchenware ladies. This has built the popularity in Asian girls and many women destructive credit online dating services. There are folks who plan to uphold a long-term relationship with Asian women like they feel that these ladies are equipped for ongoing a critical bond. These women are perceived as genuine and reliable. The reason for the following perception could be the concept that Asian women are a natural part of a good family members structure this is seldom to show up among the other overseas men. Men are also lured throughout the incontrovertible fact that Oriental women possess good cookery skills. These girls are different and also this is during all likelihood that fact that creates them even more appealing to men.

However, meeting people online offers other plus more severe sides with it likewise. Meeting people online is very important in loads of companies as meetings and conferences has to be conducted on a normal schedule. By means of globalization setting in, generally in most countries, conferences frequently demand ‘meeting people online’. Often a broker in the US must consult a team of employees operating from China. Or people have to share with you imperative company matters across India, the UK, along with the YOU AND ME. Up to the 1980s, people was required to frequently make foreign trips to be able to enroll in conferences in distant gets. But with what’s so great about technology seeping in, into even the a good number of backward countries, the necessity for driving abroad has vanished. Learn about technology are already great. Now, there are complex web conferencing and get together software that enable individuals to discuss with most people, professionals to consult coworkers and employees, company people to consult clients, over countries and continents. This has helped of saving major amounts of keep your charges down to a extraordinary extent. No travel recovery time, no jet lag, very little travel expenditure, no lodging expenditure, no planning short-term, no decrease of some time and money in any way! The words revolution has revolutionized your work, our thinking, and this lives.

Examining No-Fuss Plans For everybody who is going to apply perfume among the better spots upon your human body which will put the idea are behind your tracks, a drop without any help neck of and/or on the wrists. Put perfume on softly and that means you will not ruin your date together with the overbearing smell. Remember for the reason that that you are keen on an important type of aroma, others may not be in a position to stand it. Worse yet, there are a lot of people which happen to be sensitive or allergic to strong perfume smells which means that please use sparingly. Fewer can be most beneficial in this instance.

A great Asian dating site is designed specifically to hire for Asians to experience another, all of provides to bridge the space relating to the East as well as the West. A Western man registering to this type of going out with site will put your ex boyfriend for the benefits throughout similar dating services, as the standard populace of an actual going out with site is consisting of Cookware ladies. Not only that, but your ethnicity makes you to be noticed among the list of hordes from men whom also chosen to get in for the dating site. It is undoubtedly looking at region connect an Asian girl.

Filipino women (both in the metropolis along with the province) tend to be welcoming. They will get you to feel encourage in the best way they are able to. They will head out the extra mile to go to to your requirements, despite the fact that means alot more inconvenience on their portion. But you are not to maltreatment this hospitality one little bit nor are you to think that their being so tips too there’re opening to you personally, that they may be keen on you will. Their caring for your requirements is certainly part with the mother nature herself; this won’t suggest anything.

Prefeitura de Aroeiras do Itaim realiza audiência pública para discutir Plano Municipal de Resíduos Sólidos

Na manhã desta sexta-feira (17) o munícipio de Aroeiras do Itaim sediou a audiência pública que discutiu a elaboração do Plano Municipal de Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos (PMGIRS). O evento foi realizado na Unidade Escolar São José e contou com a representação das secretarias municipais, vereadores, educadores, estudantes, servidores da limpeza urbana, membros da sociedade civil organizada e da comunidade local.

A audiência pública é a etapa inicial para a construção do Plano em que a população é sensibilizada e convocada a opinar e propor melhorias sobre o manejo dos resíduos sólidos – lixo. Na ocasião, foram apresentadas as particularidades do Plano pela assessora técnica e engenheira sanitarista/ambiental da empresa Nerar Engenharia, Lilia dos Santos Silva.

Composição da mesa de honra

O prefeito de Aroeiras do Itaim, Wesley Gonçalves de Deus, abriu os trabalhos da audiência pública destacando a importância da população serem agentes ativos no processo de construção do PMGIRS.

“Tivemos uma grande participação da população o que para nós é importante, pois entendemos que o povo tem a consciência de que precisamos fazer mais sobre o descarte do lixo produzido em nossa cidade. O lixo é um problema crônico que afeta a grande maioria dos municípios brasileiros, mas estamos buscando fazer a nossa parte junto à comunidade”, afirmou o gestor.

Prefeito Wesley de Deus

Para a supervisora estadual de Educação, em Aroeiras do Itaim, Meridiana de Moura Araújo, a audiência pública é um instrumento para conscientizar a população sobre o cuidado com o lixo. Segundo ela, as problemáticas geradas em torno do manejo dos resíduos sólidos é um fator cultural.

“A nossa cidade assim como Picos, todo o país, não tem a cultura de cuidar do lixo, um cuidado mínimo de não jogar simplesmente no meio da rua. As pessoas acreditam que por ser lixo eu posso jogar do lado, na residência do vizinho. Temos que compreender que o primeiro passo é não estar jogando em qualquer lugar. O prefeito municipal está articulando uma importante, pois trabalhando a política do lixo estamos cuidando da saúde, porque o lixo gera doenças”, frisou a educadora.

Meridiana Araújo

O servidor municipal, Wendel Gonçalves, lembrou que a política de conscientização sobre o descarte correto do lixo deve ser trabalhada no seio familiar e expandida para a comunidade.

“Essa ação que o prefeito teve juntamente com a população é de grande proveito, importância, para que possamos saber como utilizar o lixo e evitar os transtornos que existem. Saber destinar o lixo é algo que precisamos por em prática, começando primeiramente em casa”, disse.

Wendel Gonçalves

O processo de elaboração do PMGIRS é uma ação da Prefeitura Municipal em conformidade à exigência da Lei Federal  nº 12.305/2010. Durante todo o processo, o município conta com a assessoria técnica da NERAR Engenharia.

Russian Qupid Systems – Some Insights

Lately every man might to make sure you marry ladies over Internet. This especially moves well with Russian a lot of women. You can find various online dating sites that has you ought to satisfy Russian personals and singles. If you hunt for a single Russian personal through your own efforts, you’ll find quite a few Russian personal over the Internet.

Women or men many of us have confident preconceived notions in our lifestyle partners, in this area we somewhere need it some of our way, that’s what exactly a lot of these brides provide the means with. The Swedish brochure shopping gals add to the risk for mission easier. Men throughout the world have got a love affair owing to these Swedish brides, seen as the epitome of beauty with brains, the blonde fur captivating men across circumstances. Only Swedish women sign-up themselves applying these technical agencies, which hosts only their profiles for males across the world, these therefore include the Swedish directory shopping ladies.

A great Introduction to Swedish Mailbox Order Brides

Above all else, parents need to know most of the children are located a happy life. When a child is injure, without regard for how old they are, a good mother or father feels the anguish. Now you might say this is not the majority of, nonetheless were human beings and after this we can this best to callous in the event that needed avoiding long term suffering of our own. You just can’t encounter anger towards someone except if the contrary end in the over emotional spectrum has become dishonored. Your natural instinct is usually divine. The cells with the body are used in fantastic harmony and cooperation together.

The way to attempt attractive force marketing is in fact having yourself take above any group. You might realize that’s difficult, but consider sin city dui attorney picked up that last guru system – the reality is, there are thousands of these available and plenty of have grown to be comparable. You may have first got it for the reason that the merchant looked trustworthy, he included valuable and helpful tips prior to you bought, he has been a fantastic reputation throughout the IM business and somehow the person convinced you his system might possibly be vital to you personally. We should assume if you find yourself nodding head for this purpose.

In fact , 1 must provide the bravery to let choose with the restricted grip they’ve relating to the emotion, correctly would seem like any emotional tie to the different provides great improvements over none by any means. The idea is true it’s mainly your emotional experience that permits for the encounter with your relationships nevertheless it really is difficult experiencing each of those love and hate in unison. If you wish to obtain what is actually missing you need to come to be willing to help you let proceed products and solutions that you are dangling onto.

Successful Back the Girl You Love — Here’s What You Need to Do

For people with complete with the friend, do not feel disheartened, but alternatively seek out out the mistakes who led to the breakup. When you look carefully, it’s simple to notice that there would be never-ending reasons that led to all the breakup. Most of the couples out there have no idea of tips on how to keep their relationships. We have tested out a large number of such relationships and identified the tricks which will help want you to get a ex-girlfriend back. These tricks basically require a fabulous committed individual.

It’s possible you’ll meet somebody within a court chat room and judge you want to satisfy this kind of person during real life. You should proceed with consideration. You never identify they’ve even given you their actual name. You should only provide your number presently and grant him your address. Do not get talked towards a calm night in the house to the primary date. Make your initial date public. At nearly all large Jewish dating service you should utilize a free trial account to see whether you’d like the internet site. This is certainly a good technique to gain discover this website, because you won’t be able to access the many includes. You will probably struggle to speak to persons which includes a trial membership even now, you is able to send all the questionnaires and focus single members.

The natural way, one thing I did so was sign-up to be a part of a Christian specific matchmaking assistance. After noticing they want reply to my profile, I remarked that going out with a Christian woman throughout such a blog is definately not mainly because simple as I first thought. Three Christian specific sites later and I knew what the challenge was. Because Christian online dating is known as a as an alternative small niche, the amount of possible matches were greatly limited. While in theory the concept of employing a service for specifically dating a fabulous Christian woman have looked like an intelligent a single, essentially it’s quite the 100 % waste.

You will have possibility declare to some extent inside account. Make sure to say as much as you can– use quite a few words and phrases as you possibly can to help you out additional potential mates and close friends find you who are searching specific words. Make sure to continue it positive , nor demonstrate any faults you consider that you’ve got. Inform the truth regarding their age. If you submit a genial shot or picture you will get increased results, so ensure you do this for everybody who is fantastic regarding it. The more cheerful or happy the photo any better and the much more persons you should attract.

Prefeitura de Aroeiras do Itaim realizará audiência pública que discute elaboração do Plano Municipal de Resíduos Sólidos

A Prefeitura de Aroeiras do Itaim realizará no dia 17 de agosto uma audiência pública para discutir a elaboração do Plano Municipal de Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos (PMGIRS). O evento acontecerá às 8h, na Unidade Escolar São José, e tem como público-alvo os munícipes e representantes da sociedade civil organizada.

O PMGIRS é uma normativa a ser cumprida pelos municípios brasileiros assegurada na Lei Federal Nº 12.305/2010. A elaboração e futura execução do Plano representa avanços para a saúde pública e preservação do meio ambiente local.

A Prefeitura de Aroeiras do Itaim deu início no mês de julho à sensibilização dos setores da Administração Municipal e da comunidade para a construção do Plano que resultou na formação do grupo de trabalho. O Grupo acompanhará e articulará as ações do PMGIRS no município.

A audiência pública é a continuidade desta etapa inicial que tem como propósito fazer o chamamento da população para se tornarem agentes ativos na elaboração do Plano, propondo melhorias nos seguintes eixos: manejo dos resíduos sólidos, abastecimento de água potável, esgotamento sanitário e drenagem das águas das chuvas.

A engenheira sanitarista e ambiental, Catiane Eulina de Oliveira Lima, destacou a importância da comunidade está integrada no processo de elaboração do Plano.

“O Plano Municipal de Saneamento Básico e Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos é formado por propostas que deverão ser executadas num prazo de 20 anos, podendo serem revisadas anualmente. É importante que a população participe, opine sobre a realidade do seu município pensando em propostas que tem viabilidade de serem realizadas a médio, curto e longo prazo. Esse é o momento para pensar na melhora da saúde pública dos munícipes e na preservação no meio ambiente”, afirmou a engenheira.

Durante todo o processo de elaboração do Plano, o município de Isaías Coelho contará com a assessoria técnica da Nerar Engenharia, empresa responsável pelas orientações e condução dos trabalhos.

Prefeitura de Itainópolis realiza oficinas do PMSB e do PMGIRS

Nesta terça-feira (07) a Prefeitura de Itainópolis realizou mais uma etapa do processo de elaboração do Plano Municipal de Saneamento Básico (PMSB) e do Plano Municipal de Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos (PMGIRS). A fase atual compreende a promoção de oficinas na sede urbana e comunidades rurais.

Na manhã de hoje, a oficina foi sediada na Escola Municipal Elias Bezerra, localizada na comunidade Sítio. Participaram do evento, secretários municipais e membros da sociedade civil organizada e a comunidade em geral.

No período da tarde, a programação de oficinas foi desenvolvida na Escola Municipal Mariano Borges Leal, na comunidade Riachão, zona rural do município. As mesmas estão sendo ministradas pelas engenheiras sanitarista e ambiental da empresa Nerar Engenharia, Lilia Santos e Catiane Lima.

Metodologia das oficinas

As oficinas são marcadas pela participação popular, em que os munícipes refletem sobre o cenário atual da cidade no que diz respeito ao manejo dos resíduos sólidos, abastecimento de água potável, esgotamento sanitário e drenagem da água das chuvas, e propõem melhorias.

O horizonte de validade dos Planos é de 20 anos e podem ser atualizados anualmente e revisados a cada quatro anos. Daí a necessidade que as propostas elencadas sejam possíveis de serem executadas num intervalo de curto, médio e longo prazo.


Dando prosseguimento, no dia 08 de agosto, às 8h00, será promovida oficina na Escola Municipal Odete Ferreira Nunes, na sede urbana da cidade. Às 14h/ o evento segue na Unidade Escolar José Barbosa, na comunidade Vila Barbosa.

No dia 09 de agosto, é a vez das comunidades Várzea Grande e Maxixe sediarem oficinas. As atividades iniciam às 8h00 na Escola Municipal Sebastião Gonçalves Guimarães, e às 14h00, na Igreja Maxixe.

Encerrando a programação de atividades, no dia 10 de agosto, a oficina prática acontecerá na comunidade Salgada, às 8h, na Escola Municipal Raimundo Antônio Ferreira.  Ás 14h, o evento segue no posto Tabatingas, na comunidade Tabatingas.

O município de Itainópolis durante a construção dos Planos recebe assessoria técnica da Nerar Engenharia.

Prefeitura de Bela Vista inicia processo de elaboração do PMSB e do PMGIRS

O município de Bela Vista do Piauí, localizado no interior do Estado, deu início nesta segunda-feira (06) ao processo de mobilização da comunidade para elaboração do Plano Municipal de Saneamento Básico (PMSB) e do Plano Gestão Integrada de Resíduos Sólidos (PMGIRS).

O encontro realizado na sede da Prefeitura Municipal foi conduzido pela engenheira ambiental e sanitarista da empresa Nerar Engenharia, Catiane Eulina de Oliveira Lima, e contou com representações das secretarias municipais e de setores da sociedade civil organizada.

O PMSB e PMGIRS tem por objetivo articular e promover ações que tenham reflexo no correto manejo dos resíduos sólidos (lixo), abastecimento hídrico potável, esgotamento sanitário e drenagem da água das chuvas, garantindo a preservação do meio ambiente e melhora na qualidade de vida da população.

Durante o encontro, foi transmitido ao público participante orientações sobre o plano e as etapas de sua elaboração que consistem no diagnóstico técnico e social da limpeza no município. Além disso, ocorreu a formação do Grupo de Trabalho e deliberações para a promoção de uma audiência pública e oficinas.

A engenheira, Catiane Eulina de Oliveira Lima, explicou que os planos serão construídos pela gestão e comunidade, onde todos são ouvidos e propostas serão formuladas para serem executadas num prazo de 20 anos.

“Esta é a primeira etapa para a elaboração do Plano. É um processo em que toda a comunidade e o governo são ouvidos. Serão realizadas oficinas nos setores para que propostas sejam formuladas. A elaboração do Plano traz benefícios diretos para a comunidade como aquisição de veículos para coleta de lixo entre outros investimentos”, ressaltou a engenheira.

Grupo de Trabalho

O Grupo de Trabalho tem a função de acompanhar e articular as ações que envolvem o processo de elaboração dos planos.
O processo de elaboração do PMSB e do PMGIRS é uma ação da Prefeitura Municipal em conformidade à exigência das Leis Federais nº 11.445/2007 e nº 12.305/2010. Durante todo o processo, o município conta com a assessoria técnica da NERAR Engenharia.

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